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Finsmart AI offers user-friendly and affordable automated financial reporting systems and AI-powered CFO services for fast growing companies.
We help customers to enhance sustainability, profitability and access-to-funds by revealing financial performance and delivering actionable insights.
In addition, we enable investors to easily track the financial and operational performance metrics of their portfolio companies

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Manage your financials easily!

Explore the capabilities of Finsmart AI, where managing your company's finances is as seamless as it is affordable, with the precision of a seasoned CFO. Simply upload your general ledger to our system and let us take care of the rest!

Building a Better Future for SMEs, Startups & Investors

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Diversifying Portfolios

Strategic advantage to investors by unveiling the financial health and potential of companies. With the ability to seamlessly track investment performance and pinpoint growth opportunities, our platform is not just a tool—it's your key to maximizing returns.



Boosting Success

Range of services to support startups in budgeting, fundraising preparation, and tracking critical KPIs such as MRR, ARR, runway, CAC, CLV, and burn rate, as well as valuation.  We bring the CFO touch to startups through our AI-based product.



Elevate Your Presence!

Variety of services to support SMEs in achieving visibility, financial planning, budgeting, profitability, and sustainability. With our expertise and resources, we can help SMEs reach their goals.

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Bal Agency


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They Trust Finsmart!

I am very happy that our paths crossed with the Finsmart team. They provide the part-time CFO service that we have needed for a long time, in most professional way.

Begüm Atılgan
Begüm Atılgan
Founder of Brew

Finsmart provided us professional and reliable reporting Finance is like headlights of a car at night. With Finsmart, we got the high beams on.

Mesut Özalp
Mesut Özalp
Founder of EKOM Group

Finsmart makes a huge difference for startups at our level. I was trying to do it but thanks to Finsmart, we are now progressing professionally.

Erhan Zengin
Erhan Zengin
Founder of Finekra

Thanks to Finsmart, I can follow my cash flow monthly and manage it myself. Also, Finsmart consults me in critical finance related decisions.

Gözde Balkan
Gözde Balkan
Founder of Bal Agency

We follow all our important KPI’s from Finsmart, not only the financial milestones. We can share our dashboard and tables directly with our possible investors.

Taylan Tüfekçi
Taylan Tüfekçi
Founder of Askipo
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